Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance Projects

GC&DA is providing support in technical assisted projects. The project aim is to render consulting and training services to institutional public agencies located in different countries. Projects are developed in a public contract methodological frame by a short list procedure, GC&DA works worldwide by:

  • Scouting projects;
  • Consortium definition
  • Involving in call for tenders according to short list procedure divided in phases:
  • (pre-information, showing interest, technical and economic tender);
  • Managing all the organizational project aspects.


  • Local Government Agencies
  • Ministries of European Integration
  • Ministries of Justice
  • Ministries of Education and Science
  • Ministries of Agriculture
  • Ministries of Economical Development
  • Ministries of Health
  • Ministries of Finance
  • Ministries of Labour & Social Affairs
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Privatization Agencies
  • Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance Authorities & Competition
  • Financial Markets Supervisory Bodies
  • Tax and Customs Administrations
  • Civil Service Training Institutes
  • National Statistical Offices
  • National Regulatory Authorities & Agencies
  • Energy Regulators
  • Telecommunications Regulatory Agencies
  • National Agencies for Land and Cadastre Registration