Country: Kosovo
Start Date/End Date: 19.07.2019 – 02.12.2019
Status: Finished
Sectors: Local Goverment / Training
Project Name: Provision of training/coaching support to selected municipal officials in Dragash/Dragaš, Shtërpcë/Štrpce and Viti/Vitina on issues related to planning/monitoring, reporting, youth engagement, youth- and gender-sensitive planning/budgeting
Project Description: ·         Design and deliver a package of hands-on, participatory training and on-the-job coaching support to up to 18 targeted municipal officials (6 per each partner municipality)

·         Deliver a total of 6 days of training for the targeted municipal officials from partner municipalities (2 days training for one municipality)

·         Deliver a total of 9 days on-the-job coaching support to the targeted municipal officials

·         Organize 3 joint co-design workshops to elaborate on and recommend the potential solutions for the youth challenges and concerns all together through a co-design process

·         Provide 3 days of hands-on training to youth groups on preparation of CVs, motivation letters, techniques of interviews, interpretation of vacancy announcements and ToRs, etc

·         Coach officials from the respective Economic Development and Agriculture Departments on designing 3 Quick Impact Projects.

·         Prepare and submit the final report